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Carmen Ejogo is Raising a 13-Foot Son in Coming-of-age Comedy ‘I’m A Virgo’ | EUR Video Exclusive

Carmen Ejogo in I'm A VIRGO
Carmen Ejogo and Mike Epps in ‘I’m A Virgo’ / Prime Video

*We caught up with Carmen Ejogo to dish about her latest role in Boots Riley’s (Sorry to Bother You) highly anticipated mythical coming-of-age comedy “I’m A Virgo,” starring Emmy-winning actor Jharrel Jerome (When They See Us, Moonlight). 

The seven-episode Prime Video series centers on Cootie (Jerome), a 13-foot-tall young Black man in Oakland, California. Having grown up hidden away, passing time on a diet of comic books and TV shows, he escapes to experience the beauty and contradictions of the real world. He forms friendships, finds love, navigates awkward situations, and encounters his idol, a real-life superhero named The Hero, played by Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight, The Righteous Gemstones). I’m A Virgo is a mythical odyssey that questions the purpose of the mythical odyssey,” per the synopsis. 

Riley created, wrote, and executive produced the series and Jerome serves as an executive producer. 

“I’m A Virgo” also stars Brett Gray, Kara Young, Allius Barnes, Olivia Washington, and Mike Epps.

Check out the trailer below.

Speaking to Screen Rant ahead of the show’s premiere, Carmin was asked what about either the premise or the scripts really struck you initially to want to be a part of of this project.

“I had very little information upfront, so I just basically had Boots saying to me, “Do you want to do this character?” He kind of gave me an idea, an overview of what the show was going to be about. I only knew before he finished talking that I was going to say yes because I had workshopped Sorry to Bother You with him at the Sundance Director’s Lab. So I know he’s a great writer, I knew that he was getting better and better as a filmmaker, so this seemed like the perfect time to actually work together,” she explained. 

“Beyond that, I fell in love with the idea of doing stop-motion puppet work, forced perspective, these old-school techniques of filmmaking. That, for me, is part of what I fell in love with the idea of, because that’s what I grew up watching,” Ejogo added. “A lot of stuff that involved that stuff, like Harryhausen’s Sinbad, and those kinds of shows. So, that, for me, was the thing that I suppose sealed the deal, that it was gonna just be crazy inventive, and using weird, mad old techniques that no one else in their right minds would use in 2023.

Carmen spoke further on what she most enjoyed about exploring the world of “I’m A Virgo” with co-stars Mike Epps and Jharrel Jermone. Peep what she had to say in our exclusive conversation via the clip below.

I’m a Virgois now streaming on Prime Video.

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