Monday, June 26, 2023

Rick Ross Had Some Questions About Imploded Submarine – The Simpsons Predicted the Disaster 17 Years Ago & More | PicsVideos

Rick Ross (red cap) - Getty
Rick Ross – Getty

*Webbies, what a day, what a day. Rick Ross asked the questions most people were wondering. Why wasn’t the submarine tethered to a surface vessel in case they lost communication? Well, common sense is not that common. Not only that, according to Philip Lewis of the Huffington Post reports, “a top-secret U.S. Navy detection system designed to spot enemy submarines first heard the Titan submersible implosion days ago,” WSJ reports. So the government knew these people went on to be with the Lord and couldn’t inform the American people who were boohooing for the safe return; that is some nasty work. We send our condolences to the victims’ families.

Conspiracy theorists were running amok on social media and pulled “The Simpsons” episode predicting 17 years ago the submarine disaster that gripped the nation. Hmm, we have our thoughts but we’ll reserve them for the group chat.

Actor Melvin Gregg dropped some gems on how Black he is during his “Blackening” confession, and as Nick Nack Pattiwhack affirmed, “Dr. Umar is proud of you.” We are giving you the Black Power fist, my guy!

Rihanna and her bae A$AP Rocky snapped some pics at Nespo Restuarant, one fan said, “Why asap look like he wearing diabetes socks with sketches steal toe shoes and skort 😂😂😂 maybe I don’t understand fashion 🤔 but love riri❤️.” Yeah, we gonna need him to up his attire when he is posing with the Princess of Pop.

U know u need to check the visuals for this Social Heat! So, just keep-a-scrollin’!!


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