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Reality TV Producer Carlos King Takes ‘Love & Marriage’ Franchise to Detroit | EUR Video Exclusive

Renowned reality TV producer, Carlos King is taking his “Love & Marriage” franchise to his hometown Detroit and the OWN series will introduce a new group of dynamic Black community members and leaders, this time from the “Comeback City” formerly known as the “Motor City.”  “Love & Marriage: Detroit”

*Renowned reality TV producer, Carlos King is taking his “Love & Marriage” franchise to his hometown Detroit and the OWN series will introduce a new group of dynamic Black community members and leaders.

The third city to join the “Love & Marriage” series franchise following Huntsville and Washington D.C., “Love & Marriage: Detroit” premieres June 24 at 9pm ET/PT, following a new episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” at 8pm ET/PT.   

Per the official press release, “Detroit is on the rise and so are the people. It’s a city where Black culture is strong. This reemerging city is all about family, friendship, business, excellence and of course, love and marriage.

“Love  & Marriage: Detroit” will center on a group of African American families with deep ties to Detroit who have decided to stay in the city and prove they can provide the best lives possible for their families in this community on a comeback.”

The release continues: “Russell and Kolby Harris, Brandon and Kristina Bowman Smith, and Anthony and Dr. LaToya Thompson will star in the series. In the premiere season, secrets and past deeds haunt the couples as relationship cracks are exposed, and issues surrounding faith, resentment and broken lines of communication are tackled head on.”

“I love creating shows in cities where it doesn’t get a lot of shine in the world because they think all successful black folks live in Atlanta. Right? Child, they think we only go in Atlanta, honey,” King exclusively told EUR ahead of the series premiere. “So with Huntsville being successful, DC being successful, I wanted to select another town that I felt needed is just due and also give back to my hometown as well by putting some love into the City of Detroit And these three couples represent the new generation of Detroit. And when you look at the show as you saw the first episode, they’re entrepreneurs, they’re beautiful, but they also have a lot of messy stuff going on in their lives, that look, we like a little mess.”

Watch the trailer for “Love & Marriage: Detroit” via the YouTube clip above.

“The first episode gives you just a little percentage of what to expect from this couple for the rest of the season, and it gets more shocking and deep,” King told us.

“I love engaging with my audience,” King said of his creative process. “I call them the raindrops. So I love them and I just love the engagement with them. Now, look, I don’t listen to everything they say now, child, because I know what I’m doing and I know you got to take things with a grain of salt, but there’s always some truth and honesty within the tweets, that I’m like, “Oh, that’s an interesting take on this situation.” So, I love engagement, and it’s fun, and it’s a way for the audience to feel like they’re in on the process by having this relationship with the creator of their franchise and hearing them out and responding to them and engaging with them. I know that’s important.”

Watch my full conversation with Carlos King below and tune in to “Love & Marriage: Detroit” TONIGHT on OWN!

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