Monday, June 26, 2023

Conservative Ben Shapiro Rails Against ‘Pound Town 2’ – Gets Torched by Nicki Minaj in Twitter Beef | WATCH

*Of all the social and political upheaval going on in the country, Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has decided to use his YouTube platform to rail against “Pound Town 2,” from Sexyy Red featuring Nicki Minaj, only to get himself into a Twitter feud with Barbie herself.

On the June 19th episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” he sarcastically called the duet “one of the great pieces of art in the history of Western civilization.” He added that the sexually charged lyrics made Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” seem almost “childhood-friendly.”

“This all seems like an amazing way of capturing an excellent father for your son. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to open applications by describing the color of your booty hole. That is a great way to find your spouse,” Shapiro sarcastically stated. “Apparently, Nicki Minaj found it necessary to do a second version of ‘Pound Town.’”

Minaj clapped back on Twitter, calling up her alter ego with the warning: “Roman said leave his a** out of it sir! No pun intended.”

Suddenly, a beef was born. On June 21, Shapiro responded via tweet: “Not possible, NICKIMINAJ, since you have apparently never recorded a song that left your a** out of it.”

Swiftly, Minaj returned fire with: “Next time, I’ll be sure to add my d**k. So you can suck it. Love you.”

Shapiro then responded: “Surprise twist: NICKIMINAJ was the one with the anaconda all along.”

The Queen then dropped the mic while simultaneously roasting him while promoting her newest release, “Barbie World,” from the “Barbie” soundtrack. She responded by posting a picture of Ben with her hair photoshopped on his head and the caption, “I’m a Barbie girllll, in a Barbie world” on her Instagram story.

Meanwhile, Sexyy Red has so far only responded by retweeting several clips of Shapiro’s initial rant.

Watch it below:

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