Monday, June 26, 2023

Le Twin Saves one of Beyoncé’s ‘Twins’ from Wardrobe Malfunction | WATCH-it-Happen

Props to the back up dancer!

*Fortunately for Beyoncé one of her dancers from the French dance group Les Twins was Johnny on the spot with his super quick and deft moves that save her from a very public wardrobe malfunction.

It happened in Germany earlier this week that one of Bey’s “girlz” damn near fell out of her top, however, there was a hero very close by who swooped in without missing a beat and saved the day.

The incident happened at her Renniciance tour stop/concert on Wednesday in Hamburg. Beyoncé, as always, was doing her high-energy thing and while she was in the middle of performing “Break My Soul,” something not good was about to burst out in the open, so to speak. C’mon now, you know what we talkin’ ’bout. Yep, her left breast was about to say hello to the world. 🙂

Like was said, the entertainer was doing her thing, up there bouncing around and stuff and that’s when certain folks noticed that something was about to come loose and SOON.

Interestingly, as you can see in the video (above/below), it appears Bey was completely clueless as to what was going on. Happily, for her, somebody who was onstage with her did see it.

Here’s more via TMZ:

Turns out … one of the brothers from the French dance group Les Twins — both of whom were serving as backup dancers for this performance — rushed over and provided cover.

Not only did the guy block what was inevitably going to be a straight-up nip slip … but a closer look, shot from someone with front row seats — shows he actually tugged on her top and put it back in place for her … all in one fell swoop, going right back to dancing.

It all happened so fast … and, ever the pro she is, Bey didn’t miss a step. If you weren’t paying attention, you might’ve not even noticed some miracle work was goin’ down.

Beyonce and Le Twins Dancers - Getty
Beyoncé and Le Twins Dancers – Getty

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