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preview for BMW M4 CSL 3-Lap Review - Tested at Performance Car of the Year 2023

The 2023 BMW M4 CSL Is Amazing but Exhausting

By Matt Farah
2023 lamborghini huracán tecnica

The Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica Is Not a Supercar

By Raphael Orlove
2022 jaguar ipace ev400

It's the Jaguar I-Pace's Time

By Raphael Orlove
2024 toyota prius xle hybrid awd gray

2023 Toyota Prius Is the Best Normie Car on Market

By Mack Hogan
matt farah inside audi rs 3

The New Audi RS3 Is Excellent in Almost Every Way

By Matt Farah
2022 mazda miata vs 2022 toyota gr86

Mazda Miata vs. Toyota GR86

The last two lightweight, affordable, rear-drive sports cars face off. Both shine.

By Chris Perkins
porsche 911 carrera t

Carrera T Unlocks What You Want in a 911

It has just as much real-world pace as a car with twice the power and several hundred pounds of extra ballast.

By Matt Farah
matt farah behind wheel of gr corolla

GR Corolla Is Unlike Any Toyota in 20 Years

There are few cars I’d want to spend my last day on Earth flogging. The GR Corolla is one of them.

By Matt Farah
audi rs3

The Audi RS3 Is a No-Compromise Sport Sedan

As easy to live with as any A3, along with real track ability and a character-rich engine. Audi’s best in a small, handsome package.

By Chris Perkins
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acura integra type s prototype

Driven: The Acura Integra Type S Is Gonna Be Good

By Mack Hogan
volvo cyan

The P1800 Cyan Is the World's Coolest Volvo

By Matt Farah
2023 ferrari daytona sp3

Dossier: 2023 Ferrari Daytona SP3

By Mike Guy
matt farah in cayman gt4 rs

Cayman GT4 RS Is the Best Car Your Ears Can Buy

By Matt Farah
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2023 bmw i7

BMW i7 Is a 7 Series EV, For Better or Worse

By Kevin Williams
rivian r1s 2022 blue in driveway

The Rivian R1S Is the EV SUV Done Right

By Lawrence Ulrich
2023 acura nsx

Ohio's Supercar: the Acura NSX

By Brendan McAleer
preproduction 2023 f 150 raptor r with aftermarket flag and optional equipment available late 2022 professional driver on a closed course always consult the raptor supplement to the owner’s manual before off road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear

Ford's New 700-HP V-8 F-150 Raptor R Is Badass

By Kyle Kinard