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Dear Future Wifey Podcast’s Exclusive Interview w/Da’naia Jackson – Wife of Derrick Jaxn | WATCH Clip

Dear Future Wifey Podcast - Laterras R Whitfield - Da’Naia Jackson
Dear Future Wifey Podcast – Laterras R Whitfield – Da’Naia Jackson

*(DALLAS, TX)  – Laterras R. Whitfield, host of the top-rated, always trending, and often viral relationship podcast, “Dear Future Wifey,” will present an exclusive, tell-all interview with Da’Naia Jackson, wife of self-proclaimed relationship guru, Derrick Jaxn. The highly anticipated conversation, entitled “Sorry, Mrs. Jackson,” is the first-ever sit-down interview for Da’Naia, who is finally breaking her silence since she and her husband went viral and gained international attention from a controversial video declaring their commitment to working through a startling cheating scandal.

Airing in two parts – “Sorry, Mrs. Jackson” Part One on Wednesday, May 24 and “So Sorry, Mrs. Jackson” Part Two Thursday, May 25, at 8am CDT on both days – the exclusive interview gives a platform to Da’Naia’s lived experience as she opens up to share her heart as well as her journey of healing.

It will offer a unique opportunity for listeners to hear her perspective, firsthand, and watch her bravely go below the surface into her traumas, revealing her strength, pain, vulnerability, and resilience. The conversation is sure to shut down rumors and hateful attacks on her character (and sanity), and will fully unpack the past, clarify the present and shed light on the future of her relationship and marriage with her husband.

To watch the Dear Future Wifey Podcast w/ Laterras R. Whitfield, visit, or to listen, visit Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and everywhere podcasts are heard.

Watch a clip from “Sorry Mrs. Jackson,” below.

The Dear Future Wifey Podcast is the award-winning, top-rated, always-trending, and often viral relationship podcast hosted by Laterras R. Whitfield, a 3x Emmy-nominated producer, cinematographer, national playwright, and director. Conceived in 2020, Laterras birthed the Dear Future Wifey Podcast as a transformative tool to heal his own relationship struggles and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Today, Dear Future Wifey, the 2023 winner of two Telly awards, fearlessly explores the intricacies and nuances of relationships alongside some of the industry’s most notable celebrities, influential personalities, and trending voices, who unapologetically share their lived experiences as singles and couples, embracing the diverse paths they’ve traveled, and navigating the joys, obstacles, and complexities of love along the way. With each must-see episode, the Dear Future Wifey podcast offers refreshing and relatable perspectives as well as raw, insightful conversations that vibrate hope, healing, and deliverance throughout the culture. Discover. Uncover. Recover love with the Dear Future Wifey podcast by visiting the YouTube channel, or by listening on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and everywhere podcasts are heard. Also, follow @DearFutureWifeyPodcast and @LaterrasRWhitfield on Instagram.
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