Monday, June 26, 2023

Keke Palmer Tells Hilarious Story About BD Darius Jackson, Tank Weighs in on Anita Baker vs. Babyface Beef & More | PicsVideos

Keke Palmer & Darius Jackson
Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson / Getty

*Webbies, where y’all at? Check out what we got you for Social Heat. Keke Palmer tells the story on “The Terrell Show” how she met her baby’s father, Darius Jackson, at Sean’ Diddy’ Combs’ “Insecure” Afterparty and was encouraged by her bestie Nora to approach him. But Keke admits she wasn’t looking for love but just trying to add another number to the roster, but it turns out Darius is a sweet guy, and Keke got smitten. Start at the 16:39 mark to hear her speak about her bae.

Tank weighed on the Anita Baker versus Babyface internet beef and how the legendary songwriter and singer is no longer on tour because Anita felt she was being attacked online by Babyface’s fans. Tank says Babyface is the nicest person and doesn’t deserve the treatment he is receiving. We are not taking sides, but Auntie and Unc must resolve their misunderstanding; the culture needs harmony and good R&B.

Tupac‘s dad, Billy Garland, spoke about “The Art of Dialogue” with contributor Delray Richardson regarding his thoughts when he first heard Tupac’s hit “Dear Mama” and was shocked to hear how the iconic rapper thought he was dead. Today, he says he loves the song.

Actress Denee Benton got Black conservatives going Angry Bird after she called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a “Grand Wizard” at the 2023 Tony Awards. YouTuber Anthony Brian Logan labeled Denee a hypocrite because although she rebuked Gov. DeSantis, accusing him of being racist, she is also married to a White man. So hear us out, since she’s swimming in skim milk, that means it invalidates her opinion if she sees cases of racism? Negro, please!

Alrighty then. Let’s keep-a-scrollin’ for the visuals.

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