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American Black Film Festival 2023 Kicks Off in Miami Beach – Dwyane Wade Explains 50/50 Split w/Wife Gabrielle Union | PicsVideos

(L-R) Datari Turner, Charles D. King, Juel Taylor, Teyonah Parris, John Boyega, Stephen Love, Tony Rettenmaier, Mark R. Wright
MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – JUNE 14: (L-R) Datari Turner, Charles D. King, Juel Taylor, Teyonah Parris, John Boyega, Stephen Love, Tony Rettenmaier, Mark R. Wright, and Poppy Hanks attends the Netflix “They Cloned Tyrone” Premiere during the American Black Film Festival Opening Night at New World Center on June 14, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Ivan Apfel/Getty Images)

*Webbies, today was a good day, check out what Social Heat got for you. The American Black Film Festival 2023 kicked off yesterday, and Black Hollywood descended on Miami Beach to celebrate and honor cinematic projects uplifting our culture. The festival runs from June 14-18. Check out the video below.

Lil Duval called upon everyone’s internet Auntie, Dionne Warwick to squash the beef between Anita Baker and Babyface, and the legendary singer said nah, this ain’t my fight. Leave Auntie and let them hug it out.

Dwyane Wade explained why Gabrielle Union decided to go 50/50 on their finances. He recalls saying that the house they lived in was his, and he paid for it, which triggered Gabby. She told him never to say that again to her and decided they would go half on their expenses because they were building a life together. I.G. user @wanda_love_52 broke it down for those criticizing Gabby and Dwayne’s financial arrangement, “The issue was the comment Dwayne made regarding his house that he paid for. What was the point of that? They were together, right? It should’ve been ours, no matter who paid for the house. That was a trigger for her & set in place a potential cloak of insecurity & now anxiety & rightfully so. I’ve seen women place their complete trust in a man just to be devastated & destitute in the long run when he decided that she wasn’t who he wanted any longer. I, too, had an experience with an ex who offered to do something for me & reneged at the last minute without explanation. Lesson learned. The next person who offered & then reneged very callously at the last minute was surprised that I was prepared & handled my business without him. So understand this, there are not many men like the one who raised me. He even saw the change in the attitudes of men in relation to women, marriage, family & core responsibilities. So much so that he expressed that if I never had children, it was ok. You see, he knew. My grandfather spoke on it & his disgust with what he witnessed. So no, sir. American women actually wouldn’t have an issue with a man paying for everything as long as it’s not rubbed in our faces & if some men actually followed up on their word. What American women did, sir, was wise up. We didn’t become this way on our own. We saw what happened to other women & learned from personal experiences. Please understand the root cause of what you deem an issue before passing judgment on American women.”

We have to shout out to one of hip hop’s All Stars, Ice Cube, on his 54th burfday. Ice Cube first busted out on the music scene with his group N.W.A 1988 album ‘Straight Outta Compton’ then continued to produce gangsta rap bangers and then segued into becoming an actor and filmmaker. Check out Cube and DJ Cassidy perform one of his top hits ‘It Was A Good Day’ from his album ‘The Predator.’

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