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Gilbert Arenas on Why NBA Stars Get with ‘The Worst Women in Life’ | WATCH

Gilbert Arenas is a guest on the 'The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone'
Gilbert Arenas is a guest on the ‘The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone’

*Gilbert Arenas has a theory about why professional basketball stars are often linked to “strippers.”

During an appearance on the Pat Bev Podcast with Rone,” the former NBA star did not mention the drama with Zion Williamson and former adult film star Moriah Mills, who is threatening to release their alleged sex tapes.  Arenas did, however, give his take on why professional basketball players in general tend to meet “the worst women in life.”

The topic was Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant and his 25 game suspension for flashing guns on social media. Arenas was asked if sitting out 25 games would allow Morant to get into even more trouble.

“The NBA… you have basically 22 hours every single day trying not to get in trouble,” the former three-time All-Star explained. “We practice for about and hour, hour and a half, then the next 22 hours until we see you again, try not to get in trouble with all this goddamn money and fame you got.

“… We have all the free time while everybody’s at work. So if you’re not married… think about the other sex that’s free between noon and seven o’clock: strippers, Instagram models that ain’t got s–t to do in life. All the sophisticated women at work. They at work.”

Arenas continued while Bulls guard Patrick Beverley and Rone laughed.

“… Why you think we in the malls? Subconsciously, ‘s–t, strippers gotta get their outfits pretty soon. They just woke up and they gotta get an outfit for the night. … They be like, ‘How come y’all ain’t meeting a nice lady?’ S–t, they’re at work when we’re out… By the time we meet, we’re meeting at the club. Now we really gotta guess which one is which.

“Other than that, our schedules match up with the worst people, the worst women in life.”

Watch below beginning at the 19:46 mark:

Meanwhile, Williamson continues to deal with Mills and her threats to leak their alleged sex tapes. Earlier this month, Mills sent a barrage of tweets claiming that she had recent sex with the New Orleans Pelicans player following news that he’s expecting a baby girl with another woman. Mills called for the Pelicans to trade Williamson and claimed their alleged sex tapes will be “dropping soon.”

That message was Mills’ final tweet before Twitter suspended her account on June 20.

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